Sinigang Sinigang For The Soul

Do I cross your mind?
comment No Comments October 2, 2007 – 8:10 pm

In my solitude, I remember things of gone by
In my isolation, I remember happy times of long ago
Call it desolation, or is this desperation?
Always, always a name crosses my surpised mind.

I wonder why? I question why?
Do you know?
Will I ever have the answer?
Do you have an answer?

Where did time go?
How could it have slipped our hands so easily?
Is it any better now that two people are separated than years past?
Is there any difference from then and now?

In this hurried life, is it still possible to dream of the past?
Is that thought for me?
Do I ever cross your mind?
At all?

At the other side, someone is there
At the other end, someone is waiting
Will a connection be likely?
I could only surmise…

– 20 may 2005 ©

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