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(Arion) What The Stars Knew: II
comment No Comments October 3, 2007 – 8:23 pm

“I’ll call you,” that’s what I said
The Sunday we met,
But each time I tried
My mind just fretted.

Every day I pick up the phone
To spare my minutes to call
But I am afraid I’d sound like a clown
And so I turn away.

Tonight is Wednesday
And as I sit here waiting,
Aching to call you
All of a sudden I know.

I can sit here now forever
And snivel altogether
Until the tears run salty on my cheeks
For all of a sudden I know.

I know what the stars have known
All the time.
I would have made that call
If only I had the courage.

– first appeared on Kist, literary journal. 1994 ©

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