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An Internet World Without Clicks?
comment 4 Comments October 14, 2007 – 2:21 am

Imagine an internet experience without clicks. Imagine opening Internet Explorer or Firefox simply by pointing your mouse to the browser icon, then placing your mouse on the address bar, begin typing to where you’re going. When you get to your destination, you merely navigate on the title and headings, do your usual browsing, pointing to all links and tabs without clicking your mouse! Impossible?!

Not anymore with this inventive, innovative concept from a website I StumbledUpon named– institute for interactive research. It is a work in progress but I believe once full blown, will make a huge impact into the future of internet browsing. I spent a good 15 minutes on this site trying to get the hang of browsing without clicking and then I keep coming back.

I LOVE the idea because I ‘suffer’ from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) being on the computer for long hours! (Well, mostly it’s bad posturing for me and not taking breaks but I still blame “clicking” too much as one of the causes!) The website is therapeutic for me. It is relaxing on the mind and on my index finger! It’s amazing how much clicking we do when we’re on the computer and how often we click on almost anything to get a result. It’s impossible to move about on our computers without clicking.

This idea is groundbreaking! The inventor hasn’t updated this site in a while but it still drives a lot of traffic and attention from all over. I can only wish the computer giants will pick up on the design. Spend some time on the page. Resist clicking! Believe, explore and discover the power of browsing without clicking! Oh, and the best thing about this website? It is absolutely commercial-free! No annoying pop-ads, banners or adsense from google. Puts my own blog to shame… sigh.©

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