Sinigang Sinigang For The Soul

today i die with you.
comment 6 Comments November 6, 2007 – 6:36 am

how much is too much?
how worse is worst?
how bad is bad?
how deep are your wounds?

when fate isn’t on your side
when you lose all hope
when you question your very faith
when you’re beaten and bruised, and burned some more.

when you risk too far
when you fail one too many
when all the odds are against you
when you take it all in.

what is left of you?
what is there to live for?
oh please, you begged: kill me now
for you have been dead.

you’re dead inside
you’re done living
you’re giving up
how much worse can it get?

will we ever find redemption?
will we ever see the light?
there are no answers
there are no blueprints.

mark this day
november the 5th
today, i die for you
today, i die with you.

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