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What HaloScan Wouldn’t Tell Us! Please Pass!!
comment 2 Comments December 7, 2007 – 6:39 pm
Ok, I was just raving about Haloscan on my last post. Now, I am going to rant about them!!

1. They imperceptibly cover the fact that when you install Haloscan, all your old comments will not show and will not be integrated with the new one!

Although the comments are not deleted and still with Blogger, it’s not showing! Their excuse,

“Unfortunately HaloScan cannot read the Blogger system to access any of the comments left using the Blogger commenting system. You should be aware of this before installing HaloScan.”

No I wasn’t aware of it because the stupid warning is located somewhere in their HELP section. Why would I go to Help when they had me sold from their convincing ad upfront and all you can see on your member’s page after signing up is this:

Wouldn’t they be more credible if they placed the disclaimer just underneath that like: Warning: Please read before installing Haloscan. Even on their Install page itself, a warning or disclaimer couldn’t be found! Isn’t that trying to be deceptive?

2. Haloscan’s annoying solution to the above is a code you can enter that no matter how and where I put it, doesn’t work!

I found the code on their forum and there are many versions of it from people trying to find a workaround. So one help leads you to one page, and another goes to another page- until you get dizzy from all the alien codes and confusing instructions.The thing is placing the code VARIES from template to template and the more mashed up your template is, the harder to find where you’re supposed to place it! I somewhat fall on that category! I just wasted an hour of my life trying to figure out something that doesn’t work on my template!

3. The comments are archived after four months! So you will no longer have access to it beyond that point.

That statement is unclear and vague because I just read that on their forum and Haloscan does not make any formal statement about it which to me is another way of being cunning! This important thing plus the disclaimer should be among the ones you see prior to installing. Of course they won’t tell you because they want to draw you in! I feel like a fool!

Some say you won’t get access to it BUT it is still there on your comments page. With not being able to access, it just means you can’t edit or delete it anymore after such time. BUT then it could also mean that it will be gone forever on your comments page after four months! No one knows for sure because Haloscan evades the question and does not address it formally.

4. They have a $12.00 PER year upgrade which supposedly will help you solve some if not all of the above issues!

Who the heck wants to pay $12.00 a year for something like a comments page? I’ve got enough bills to shoulder on my internet hobbies- I don’t need another annual expense to add!

I am Back to my stinky blogger comments page!

Sob. Sob. Sob. For a while there, I thought I outsmarted Google!!! Haloscan has really some neat features like managing trackbacks and being able to put images on the comments page!! I apologize my dear readers for jumping on a quick solution to my Blogger woes and worse, I encouraged you to do the same!! Please help me disseminate that this is now: INSTALL HALOSCAN WITH CAUTION. I think it may work for those willing to pay $12.00 for an upgrade and those who are starting to blog- meaning no comments yet to deal with from Blogger.

The good news is: it is also such a breeze to go back to your old template!! I’m assuming when Haloscan asked you to back up your old template that you did!! Please tell me you did because going back to your previous one is so easy!

Go to your Template and then edit HTML. Click Expand widget template. Upload a template from a file on your hard drive. Browse on the template and hit Upload. Save it and your done!

Cut and paste the new comments you received from Haloscan. Enter manually to the stinky Blogger comments page. You’re done.

I AM NOT HAPPY about all these and I am seriously considering moving to Wordpress. Wordpress bloggers seem to be happier bloggers! Perhaps, I’ll do that as part of my new year’s resolution. My issue on moving is that I have to change URL and resubmit my new URL to the world again!! And then I’d have to figure out Wordpress itself. It seem like a complicated platform and something totally new territory for me! We’ll see. Maybe Google will be a little bit better in a month! I doubt it…

Wordpress users, would you tell this Blogger user how easy Wordpress is? I need encouragement! LOL

UPDATE: 2008, This blog has long since moved to Wordpress and I’ve never been happier!

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