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A Brief Charice Pempengco Encounter at NAIA
comment 9 Comments March 8, 2008 – 5:36 am

charice pempencgo

What a way to kick off my Philippine vacation! While waiting for my luggage at the baggage area (which took forever!) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, my tired but quick eyes saw Charice Pempengco across the baggage carousel! She and her mom were getting their stuff and nobody even noticed them! Well, it was one in the morning and everyone just wanted to get out of the busy airport fast. We were on the same Hong kong to Manila flight!

I rushed to their side and shyly asked if she was Charice! She politely answered in Tagalog “opo” (yes). I felt so old for a while there. I congratulated her on her first US TV guesting on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last December 2007 and asked about her first trip to the United States. She said she was so happy for the opportunity and she enjoyed her stay very much. I asked if she visited New York and watched a Broadway show (my fave thing to do in New York!). She exclaimed yes, the show “Wicked”! I gamely sang a few lines of the song “Popular” from the musical hit which I saw twice already! She nodded and grinned. I thanked her for chatting with me and wished her luck on her singing career. Such a sweet kid!

charice_pempengcoTo those unfamiliar with Charice Pempengco, her popularity in the Philippines grew when she became one of the finalists in a singing contest sponsored by a major TV station. She became a household name in the internet, thanks to YouTube user FalseVoice who was the first to upload a video clip of Charice singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”.

The video became an instant hit despite being called a fake by most viewers who couldn’t believe that such powerful voice could come from a 15 year old Filipina. The video and increasing worldwide prominence paved way to appearances in Sweden, South Korea and ultimately the United States.

The small talk wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t ask for a photo with her, so I did eye bags and all! It was really nice meeting you Charice! You are so polite, friendly, accommodating and very down to earth. Don’t lose that when you climb up to stardom! Now, I am a fan! Good Luck! :-)

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