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Privacy Policy: Am I the Last to Know?
comment 4 Comments May 21, 2008 – 8:36 am

Had the chance to surf for a few hours earlier and the regular site I go to over at Blogs That Follow posted an article on Google Adsense’ new Terms and Conditions. As it goes, Google is implementing a mandatory posting of a Privacy Policy on our websites scaring warning readers that we have third parties like Google Ads, sneaking dropping cookies and crumbs onto their computers without their knowledge while browsing our sites. It is required for all websites using Google Adsense- no exceptions.

I haven’t even checked my Google Adsense account in months!!

And so there it was, the updated Terms of Service (TOS) giving me until May 25th 2008 to either accept or decline the new conditions. Yay, I was just in the nick of time! If I hadn’t seen the article and opened my account on May 26th, would that have meant my Google Adsense account is toast? I wouldn’t know.

As this TOS is standard in so many websites we register at like community sites, social networking or email providers, you probably have clicked “Yes, I read and accept the above Terms and Conditions” the same way I do- without so much as read a paragraph of what it is I am agreeing at- thinking it all says the same thing and it won’t affect usage. I mean really, to open a generic yahoo or gmail account you need to click “I agree” to whatever it is stipulated otherwise you can’t create an account.

Our hands are tied. So we accept.

I accepted the TOS and installed the Privacy Policy plugin recommended at Blogs That Follow.

On a related note: Last week, I chanced upon I deem it important to let my readers know what I get for blogging on this site and created my own Disclosure Policy. Well, I get basically nothing– yet! All the moneytization on this blog comes from Google Adsense and related companies posted as boxed ads and I have not cashed out a single centavo to date! I don’t mind.

Why place ads when I’m not earning? Third party ads for me creates balance on the whole make up of the blog. This blog would appear drab without it as opposed to those saying ads are messy. The ads are in a way unobtrusive, totally independent of a blog’s content. It’s just there for readers to click or not, to notice or ignore. Content, however requires more of our insights. We make more conscious efforts to choose what to post and what not to write.

It goes without saying then that, no- I don’t and will not endorse any product or company in exchange for money by way of writing and posting an article about it. When I endorse something, it will be because I believe on the product and will gladly rave about it- for FREE. On the other hand, if I dislike a product, service or company- rest assured I will rant about it and no third party can say I can’t since it’s bloody paid! Ergo, you will not read anything endorsed by me that I have not tried, heard, tasted, seen, felt or experienced first hand!

Since we were on the subject, I thought I should clear that out for transparency. There you go. I present my Disclosure and Privacy Policy and admitting to being the last to know.

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