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I’m an easy prey to ‘abuse.’ I’m not talking about physical or anything like that, but being taken advantaged of because I’m too trusting and tend to believe on the innate goodness of every person I meet. BUT I’m not going to talk about that oddity or is that idiocy?! I’m going to talk about a man whom I completely and fully trust with my life. One man who is innately good in every way and there is only one man ever!

I’ve known him for 34 years. He’s your perfect guy (almost!). He is handsome, God-fearing, sensitive, intelligent, caring, patient, thoughtful, funny, stubborn, adamant even! He knows when to talk and when to listen. He’d hear your stories no matter how boring or how many times you’ve told him. He offers to drive you anywhere, even just around the corner to satisfy a balot (unhatched duck egg; yes I eat that!) craving. He’d patiently wait for you while you shop in the girls/women’s section til the store closes! He’s at your every school activity, even volunteering to join a committee just to please you. He knows all your cuts and bruises and mends them while scolding you for getting them in the first place! He picks up your friends regardless of distance from each house and takes each one of them back home too! He introduced you to hobbies like stamp collecting and writing or catching butterflies and preserving them. He bought you your first bicycle. He taught you how to ride them. He bought you your first atari when it first came out (never mind if you had to cry and wail for it!). Bought you your first Tretorn in the then famous imported shoe-haven Cartimar in Manila (this was the 80’s!) (…and with the same crying effect!).

…He is handsome, God-fearing, sensitive, intelligent, caring, patient, thoughtful, funny, rude and stubborn, adamant even! He knows when to talk and when to listen…

He takes you to the beach. He takes you travelling to great places! He taught you how to drive and how to drive carefully! He appreciates and encourages your passions. Your triumphs are his and your woes and worries are his to carry as well. You can always count on him for anything and I mean anything. He supports you through and through whichever side of the fence you are. Above all, zero vices! He doesn’t smoke, drink or gamble.

His only flaw is that in most cases he is a passivist. In a fight or flight response, he’d more likely to hide than fight. There were trials when we needed for him to stand up and he was helpless. Mom, strong and composed as ever, pulled us out through the storms. He didn’t want changes. He didn’t want to leave his comfort zone. He is vulnerable and powerless when confronted with tribulations. Then again for all that he is, what he has given to me, my mom and my sisters, how he influenced and shaped our lives to be better- somehow more than makes up for that soft character. He has proven his love for all of of us and is proving it time after time. We couldn’t ask for a better man!

I sure do love this guy! I’m not his favorite (I think?! ha!) but he’s got so much love to give to all of us that it doesn’t even mean that he loves me less and it doesn’t really matter! We all have our favorites, you’d have to respect that. Through all my angry years with my mom, he’s been there. I have been a difficult child to raise, I admit that. ;-) He (along with my mom and sisters) has put up with my idiosyncrasies and eccentricities all these years! I’m proud of him and am proud to be his daughter. He’ll always have that spot in my heart that no one can ever fill. I love him oh so dearly and I make sure he knows it! And if he happens to come across this post, here’s to you dad: “You have my love, trust and respect for always! Happy Father’s Day! I couldn’t have asked for a better father…” © 2008

Note: This first appeared on my First blog in June 2005. I reaffirm it to this day and everyday of my life.

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