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2008 Champs: Boston Celtics Wins 17th NBA Title, Finally!
comment 2 Comments June 18, 2008 – 10:49 am

It’s been a long time coming for the Boston Celtics (C’s) and its fans. On June 17th, they finally make history (again) after bagging the 2008 NBA Championships playing against long standing rival, Los Angeles Lakers.

It is truly sweet victory for them for it is not only their 17th Title but their first one in 22 years! The last time they won was in 1986 against Houston Rockets. It is also the 11th time they face the Lakers in the finals.

Last night’s game was one of Boston Celtics’ finest moments! They beat the Lakers with a final score of 131-92. They practically humiliated the Lakers making them look like amateurs as the Celtics keep scoring and further widening the score gap. The C’s defense was remarkable.

…The Celtics were playing like a real basketball team instead of playing individual basketball…

They were on top of the situation getting turnovers from loose balls, steals and rebounds! Their assists were impressive! You can see the desperation play of the Lakers by the end of third quarter and they can’t control the situation anymore. The Celtics was unstopable at that point.

The Celtics were playing like a real basketball team instead of playing individual basketball. That’s the problem when you have probably the current best basketball player in the world in your team in the person of LA Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and the team depends solely on him. While on the other, the entire team depends on each other’s strength to lead them to victory. Well, Bryant isn’t Superman afterall.

Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce unquestionably deserve the Most Valuable Player award for the playoffs but you can name at least five other Celtics players who did really well in getting them the championships. You have the magnificent shooting guard Ray Allen, power forward Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe, small forward James Posey, and point guard Rajon Rondo giving their share. Whereas the LA Lakers has Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bryant with some help from Pau Gasol and maybe Lamar Odom.

Congratulations Boston Celtics! Congratulations Boston Celtics fans!!

I was going to watch the NBA Finals at the historic TD Banknorth Garden, Bostons premier Sports arena- in my dreams! The tickets were literally outrageous if you can get them! I searched online in Craigslist and saw one person selling his 2 floor tickets for $40,000.00!! WTF?!! A real nice SUV with the works costs 40 grand! Why would anyone spend it on a 3-hour game and then the money is gone?! I wanted to ask if it included a night out with the whole team after the game considering the ridiculous price! I wouldn’t be surprised though if some brainless but filthy rich person actually pay for it!

My next shot was Ebay. I looked and saw the bids going between $720.00 and $10,500.00!! Click on the above photo to peak. At that instant, I was resigned to just watch it on television. Sigh. Perhaps in the opening season and in the early games, I could afford the tickets. I am a basketball fan but not that diehard… or I should just stick to watching sports on TV.

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