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What am I up to now?!

I’ve been seeing the ad of this website for quite sometime and I didn’t really pay much attention. Don’t know why all of the sudden I decided to check it out.

The concept is intriguing enough that after a quick read, I wanted to be a part of it! The idea is to collect a list of 1 million blogs. It is an experiment knowing that according to Technorati, there are 70,000,000 blogs in existence and growing every day, perhaps every minute!

The real challenge for this website however is HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE them to reach the 1 millionth blog! I just finished listed mine and I’m on number 1,838. It seems they are a ways to go but my guess is that it would take them years and years to reach the million blog mark.

The website was conceived April 10th, 2008. It took me over two months to find it. If they average out about a thousand mark every month, then it will only be 12,000 blogs in one year. A million divided by 12,000- you get an outrageous time frame and we’ll all probably be dead to see it reach the millionth mark basing it on their current rate!

Nonetheless, given that right now there are millions of blogs on the internet, if they could double or triple their goal every month, maybe we can see the day they reach 1 million blogs. I’m listing my other blogs to it so that should help ad up.

Are you up for the ‘game’ or you think this is too impossible to accomplish that it’s futile to join? What’s your take?

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