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6th PhotoHunt Theme 125: “Beautiful”
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I chose Selita Ebanks for this week’s theme “beautiful” because if she is even half the things she says she is and what the media says about her (except the negative publicity of course!), then she really is beautiful inside and out! When something or someone transcends the perceived beauty, it/she is no longer hollow or empty but is elevated beyond the physical qualities- then it/she becomes truly beautiful…

Selita Ebanks is very active in volunteering and community service and has not forgotten her roots in Cayman Islands helping out in times of need (calamity and such). More than the financial help, she is actually there on the scene giving and being part of the whole experience. She also has an existing Foundation- “The Stardom Youth Foundation,” a mentoring program to motivate young people of Cayman Islands reach their goals and potentials. How many “beautiful” people can do that- have the time and energy to share with others, more than donating cash?! :-)


“In this industry we are small; we’re petite. That may be true, but we’re not standing there like stick figures. That’s not going to sell lingerie. That doesn’t make women feel beautiful… Every woman is different and I think every woman should appreciate what they have and know how to enhance it. You know what, just love what you’ve got and go out there and be yourself. Be sexy, because you are, because it comes from within, not because someone says, “You’re too big or you’re too skinny or you’re not this or not that.” That’s crap. But on the runway, it’s all about fun and having a good time and being confident in who you are. I depend a lot on my personality to shine through. I think that if I didn’t have that I would just be another girl.”

Selita Ebanks, Victoria’s Secret Angel Model


Victoria’s Secret exclusive PJ Party in Natick Mall, MA | 26 November 2007


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