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WordPress Upgrade/Update Makes me Wanna…
comment 6 Comments September 10, 2008 – 8:50 am

run back to Blogger platform and hide. Here’s the thing: I have no problems with upgrades or updates. They’re necessary to make our blogging life secure, easier and better. My problem is the constant and I mean constant update we have to do!! Blogger does the upgrade automatically from their end with nothing for the user to do.

I moved to Wordpress end of December last year and have my first taste of upgrade from Wordpress 2.3.1 to 2.3.2. I didn’t know how I did it but it was smooth. In February this year came the next change to 2.3.3 and in March for Wordpress 2.5. Ok, here I’m a little bit complaining because in April there was the 2.5.1 update.

July came and yet another update with version 2.6. This is I think the only version upgrade where I really felt the difference in my blogging experience with Wordpress! I just love the Restore, post revisions option. It has saved my a** a few times because sometimes I put a lot of coding in my post or just write a bunch of nonsense as draft and accidentally delete some paragraphs in the process. With the post revisions, you could retrace your old saved post by the hour and day you’ve made the changes and get to compare your revisions and you can restore the post!! Then it has the Shift gears/ Turbo button where it supposedly hastens your and your reader’s browsing experience. I have yet to notice the difference but every time I log in, I click that Turbo button anyway. Another nifty feature is word count! I tend to type a lot of words!! I really like that I can track them and know when to stop!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="219" caption="WP Turbo Gears button"]WP Turbo Gears button[/caption]

The only new feature I don’t like with WP 2.6 is the image caption. I’d love to be able to put a caption on my images sure! but it doesn’t seem to allow floating placement on either right or center. It always justifies the image on the left and the text doesn’t float around it. You can tell from my example!! Hey, this thing actually works now!! :-) Don’t know what happened, the caption stopped working altogether. I didn’t edit so you’ll see what I mean…

Ok. I just installed 2.6.1 in August 15. Now, my dashboard is saying I need another upgrade to 2.6.2!! In 8 months, we have had to upgrade six times with Wordpress! Come on! I maintain numerous sites and remember I have to do it for each!!


So I finally went to get myself the WORDPRESS AUTOMATIC UPGRADE PLUGIN hoping to lessen the time it takes me to do the upgrade from the backend via the cPanel and instead with the promised 5-step upgrade of this plug-in I can do it without leaving my Wordpress account. So I did.

It actually took more than 5 steps to accomplish the upgrade via the plugin and it pretty much took me the same amount of time to do it from the back end. The only difference is, it is more convenient to save a back up of the files and database using the plugin than the cPanel because it automatically suggests backup in the steps. So I’m keeping this automatic upgrade plugin and will be using it on my other sites! Below are samplings on what you will see in your dashboard while doing the automatic upgrade plugin. This is in no order as I thought I will be doing 5 steps, it turned out to be more than five.


Good luck with updating your Wordpress blogs. See if the Wordpress Automatic Plugin works for you! Until the next update, 2.7 and so on…!

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