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8th PhotoHunt Theme 129: “View”
comment 5 Comments September 27, 2008 – 9:24 am

Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles, California | 19 September 2008

I couldn’t see anything from my viewfinder while taking these shots. I felt almost like invading this couple’s privacy upon seeing the photos on my camera. Didn’t realize they were on ‘my’ view as I was trying to capture the very strong, striking sunset rays.

to be in love...

of sunsets and romance...



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Here’s more “view” from the Park

Griffith Observatory in the city of Angels, Los Angeles, CA is home to some of the most breathtaking city views I’ve seen. From there, one gets a cityscape panorama of Los Angeles downtown and the ever famous “Hollywood” sign. The observatory in itself holds a lot of photo perfect opportunities inside and outside the building. One can easily kill 3 to 4 hours easy exploring the museum, learning about astronomy, roaming around the premises, taking a peak at a telescope where we actually saw Jupiter!! (Planets, and or stars seen varies depending on ‘what’ decides to show up for scrutiny under a telescope at a given time!).

Timing a visit around 4pm is splendid in the Summer (prepare to stay until 7 or 8pm, they have a cafeteria!)! One will experience two modes: some daylight just as the sun is setting down and the night view when all the city lights turn on… both beautiful to behold!






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