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Bleak Black Friday Awaits Both Retailers and Consumers! Where’s the Thanks in Thanksgiving?
comment No Comments November 25, 2008 – 8:47 am

staples_adI talked about Black Fridays here in America quite a bit last year. It is the country’s ONLY biggest sale of the year! Supposedly. With the ongoing recession, it is looking bleak and dreary for both retailers and consumers.

Black Friday is the day when most people shop for their Christmas presents because it is the time, you are assured to get the best deals before hitting that Holiday rush in December.

For an ailing company, how do you offer bargains to your customers when you’re buried in debts? For a consumer, how do you head to the store and shop when you’ve lost your job or unsure if you’ll still have your current job in 2009? How do you splurge on a new notebook or HDTV when you don’t know where to get the payments after swiping it on your credit card?!


It was a crazy and ridiculous Black Friday last year when people literally camped out with tents and sleeping bags for 17 hours outside the store to get ahead of everybody else. I was in the mall myself at 2 in the morning, amidst bitter wind and freezing cold waiting for the store to open at 5.

circuitcity_adThat was enough to raise doubts in my mind if it’s even worth going again. How much is your time worth, I asked? I wasn’t willing to risk hypothermia for a bargain!

But this is a different scenario today. I feel I don’t really need to shop on Black Friday this year. It just doesn’t seem right for me to do it with too much uncertainties around. Even Circuit City, my most favorite store for electronics filed for bankruptcy and will be closing 155 of its 700 stores by the end of this year! Linens ‘n Things, another store I frequent filed for bankruptcy in May and are closing all stores by the end of the year! Sigh.

After seeing some of the ads for Black Friday 2008 which sucks, I think I’m going to have to skip on this one. The deals the retailers are giving aren’t really giveaways! Where is the thanks in Thanksgiving?? They’re supposed to give their annual thanks to its consumers for the patronage but most of these stores aren’t doing very well and some are really in the hole. Understandably so. Therefore, I’m skipping it this year and look forward to sleeping in Friday morning. So long, Black Friday! I’ll see you when you don’t have “bleak” attached to your day…

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