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(More) Candid Interview with Dr. Zoe, Resident Doctor of Survivor Philippines (Part 2)
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M: What are the basic survival tips would you advise for anyone traveling in an exotic island such as that in the Thailand location? What tips would you give future survivor contestants?

Dr Z: I’m no survival expert. I wouldn’t even know, because Thailand’s landscape is basically like the Philippines. And I really wasn’t able to go around Thailand; just Tarutao and the places near it which are not very different from our provincial or urban setting …

Oh, I think one of the best advice to give is: when crossing the road, look at your right side first, not your left! Hahaha! We had so many near-miss accidents crossing the roads at a marketplace.

I guess future contestants have to do their homework since they have time to prepare themselves before they go to the island. Read on books about survival and about politics, search the web, ask someone they know about jungle survival skills… whatever they think they need to do! I have been thinking about how to prepare future castaways physically. I guess I would have to sit on that because I think that may be a good topic to blog about!

M: How will you prepare yourself the next time around?

Dr. Z: Now that I have learned from the experience, I think we just need to fine tune what we have already established in the medical team. In addition, since I am mostly hospital-trained, I am looking to take on refresher courses on rescue from a remote setting – from, say, a marine or mountainous setting – in preparation for a new island.

Also, I am on a mission to make myself physically stronger and fit.

Real Vs. Reel World

M: What was your life like pre-Survivor Philippines and your life now with Survivor Philippines on it? Did anything change in the way people and perhaps co-workers are treating you now because of your celebrity status? :-)

Dr. Z: I’m still not used to that though. Let’s just say I have had my 15 minutes. But I don’t get recognized in a crowd. One contributing factor there I think is that I cut my hair really really short, but it was without the intention of not being recognized ha! Hahaha! However, I do get noticed among medical professionals.

I have experienced going to a hospital and being recognized by doctors and even hear shrieks from the staff because they suddenly recognize me. I notice the stares from afar and I know I’m not imagining it because I never get those kinds of stares before. Almost everywhere I go, I get asked non-stop on who’s the sole survivor. Otherwise, I have not been treated differently, which is good. I’d like people, especially patients, to feel comfortable with me. More importantly, I’d like to feel comfortable of not feeling the pressure that I should be “the survivor doctor” to them! Hehehe!

M: What kind of a doctor are you in the real world? How long have you been practicing and which hospital can we find you saving lives and treating diseases?

Dr. Z: I have been a doctor in the real world for 4 years. I had some training in Surgery prior to joining Survivor. It was very essential to my work there.

Right now, I am attending to a clinic and am affiliated with hospitals (going around) Tagaytay City, Cavite and Laguna.

Also, I am a certified Occupational Medicine practitioner. I am gearing towards being a specialist and to acquire more training in preparation for future projects like Survivor.

M: Is there an episode in Survivor Philippines where we get to see you on TV?

Dr. Z: Yes, there were two – Episode 14 when John was brought to the hospital; and Episode 18 when Niña had fractured a toe.

M: Are you under contract with Survivor Philippines? Will we see you next season? :-)
Dr. Z: I guess the appropriate reply to this is: If there is a season 2, count me in!

– 0 –

"Lazy in Mid afternoon"

“Lazy mid-afternoon…”
Doc Zoe and Mae . Sonia’s Garden . Tagaytay City . January 2008

Very wise and safe answer on the last question, eh? In a recent interview I’ve read with host Jeff Probst-equivalent Paolo Bediones, he happily explained that “Castaway Productions is ready for the second season.”

So folks, It’s not the last we’ll see of Dr. Zoe- hopefully, she’ll have more exposure in the show. I mean that in a good way. I’m not praying for more mishaps or accidents in the islands that will need her medical attention but perhaps GMA network will have a special segment in the future episodes to introduce some members of the production staff. We want more airtime for the crew!

(Big thank you again, Doc Zoe and to Survivor Philippines Production for this interview. Hoping for more interviews next season! ;-) Congratulations on the success you guys are enjoying! Well deserved, indeed!)

Don’t be left out. Mark the Finale date of the Season One of Survivor Philippines on December 12, 2008 only on GMA Network! Still want more of the behind-the-scenes stories of Survivor Philippines? There’s plenty at the official website and Doc Zoe’s and Paolo Bediones’ blogs.

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