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16th Photohunt Theme 139: “Breakfast”
comment 8 Comments December 6, 2008 – 8:09 am

Breakfast “Hawaiian Style”

Have you ever had rice for breakfast? If you’re of Asian descent, the answer would be a resounding YES! Add, “yeah, what kind of a question is that?! Of course I have had rice for breakfast! Lots of times…” Ok, pardon the question but living in America, I am still getting baffled looks from Westerners who think I’m strange and some kind of a weirdo for eating my bacon, sausage or eggs with RICE for breakfast! They can’t imagine it!!

Well, we Filipinos are huge rice eaters! In the Philippines, we would eat rice in every meal! Even eat rice with anything “fried” as midnight snack! I can not survive without rice. I go crazy when I go without rice for a couple of days! If our house burns down, I swear I’d save my laptop, digital camera and my rice cooker!

Spam, rice & egg

Mcdonald's Hawaii!

Spam, Rice and eggs + Coffee = $6.99

err, coffee anyone?

Mcdonald's in Kuhio Higway, Lihue, Hi

Mcdonald’s. Kuhio Highway. Lihue. Hawaii.

October 2008

I have never, ever seen rice being served anywhere for breakfast (or anytime) in the US- unless it is an Asian fast food or restaurant. Imagine my surprise and joy to find out that rice is almost like a staple in Hawaii!! Everywhere we went, you could order rice!! It wasn’t a special order or anything, it was part of the menu! Rice at Mcdonald’s, seriously what a treat!!


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Kalapaki Beach Hut. Kuhio Highway. Lihue. Hawaii

Kalapaki beach hut menu

Kalapaki #2: two eggs with bacon and rice = $5.95

Bacon & Eggs and yes Rice!! Yipee!

OR Kalapaki #2: two eggs with Portuguese sausage and hashbrowns= BORING!

Kalapaki #2: two eggs with Portuguese sausage and RICE= RIGHT ON!

Sausage, eggs and hash- BORING!!

If you’ve never had rice for breakfast, try it sometime! You’ll see we breakfast rice-eaters aren’t so strange or weird after all… ;-)

Mahalo, come again!

Mahalo (Thank you), come again!

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