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Can you Handle a Disposable Camera?
comment 2 Comments December 15, 2008 – 8:25 am

One Photo Project

You must have perfected the art of digital photography by now. You are adept in operating a digital camera, you can probably punch into the settings and menus with your eyes closed! I know I can (well, maybe half-closed). I am attached to my digital camera in as much as I am to my laptop. I never go out without a camera on my purse. I could leave home without a cellphone but never without a digital camera!

But what happens if you are handed a disposable camera? You remember those. You know, that kind where you wind up the wheel on the upper right corner and peek into this tiny window as you point and snap to take a picture at the same time you are pressing on that flash button on the front of the camera. That kind.

I bet that will be a real challenge! Well, are you up for it?

When I seriously started blogging two years ago, I have this nagging idea of finding a way to interact with others but couldn’t figure out exactly how. Until recently when everything just sort of fell into place. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to just take action and put it into a whole new website (like I need another one, huh)!

On December 5th, is born.

If you only have one photo to take when a camera is handed to you, what would you take? Are you going to shoot randomly or think hard?

A traveling one-time use camera is sent out to the world and asks people it meets to take ONE PHOTO of any thing, any event, or of any one that triggers interest, inspires, disgusts them at that particular first chanced meeting with the camera.

Wanting to connect with people more than the internet has been the motivation for this project. To be able to interact with different people in different places utilizing something tangible, one that can be touched and leave a mark for the world to see is the inspiration.

Out of sheer curiosity, check out a latest project I am collaborating with my youngest sister. Learn more on how you can be part of it. See you at the other side!

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