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20th Photohunt Theme 144: “Aftermath” of a Blizzard
comment 7 Comments January 10, 2009 – 4:10 am

If you think snow are a lot of fun. Think again! It’s only fun when you’re not doing the shoveling off the pavements and sidewalks in the freezing cold. Enjoyable when you’re not literally digging your car that’s buried in 3 feet of snow! The aftermath of a blizzard or a heavy snow storm is biting. It leaves a pile of mess long after the storm is over… It ain’t a pretty sight! These photos are taken right on our street and driveway!

This is gonna be FUN to shovel...

There’s a car in there somewhere!

Find The Car!

Paved sidewalk


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This is Massachusetts when it’s not being friendly!  Every nasty winter I swear I’d leave the East coast and then the irresistible Spring, promise of a warm Summer and beautiful Autumn comes and I swear I won’t leave town! So goes the four season cycle of my life here…




There’s my car!

Buried Driveway

Snow pile taller than me!

The smile is only for the photo op…!

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