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21st Photohunt Theme 145: “Hats”
comment 11 Comments January 17, 2009 – 1:18 am

Going to Theme parks is always a lot of fun! Going to the different souvenir stores inside the parks is an enjoyable experience in itself. Disney World stores in Florida is no different! You have plenty of room to goof around without the sales associates bugging you NOT to touch anything or NOT to try on anything!

I don’t usually fall into the “tourist trap” these stores are luring tourists into. I almost never buy anything, just window shop, take photos and play with their items!! Majority of the items sold are things you have totally no use for after buying them. Like these hats, what do you do with them and where do you wear them when you’re not at a theme park??! They’re not cheap either! Hats like these range from $30 to $50.00! How often do you go to a theme park to wear one and would you wear the same hat over and over?! I don’t think so. Unless you collect hats, these huge hats are totally useless. Then again it was a lot of FUN trying them on at that time…

Viva Mexico!
Viva Mexico!
and here's one way of wearing a Mexican hat!

Another way of wearing it…


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NASA Space helmet

A Classic Mickey Hat

Mickey Birthday Hat

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