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Who is your Favorite Entrecard Blogger and Why? A $40 Question!
comment 1 Comment January 17, 2009 – 1:00 am

Here’s an easy contest for you: one that you can actually do in a breeze without following a gazillion steps. The prizes at stake are very reasonable to the task to be done- generous even! Our friends over at the newly built is holding a month long contest that started in January 10. I pitched in a little for the prizes because I liked the idea!

Simply answer the question: Who is your favorite Entrecard blogger or What is your favorite Entrecard blog and why? That’s it! Let them know you joined and you’re entered to win! First prize is $40.00 Paypal cash, second is $30.00 and 3 $10.00 will be given as consolation prize!

If you want to help promote the contest, they’re also giving away 3 $10.00 to random promoters of the contest.

On top of that, they’re giving away 100 Entrecard credits to the first 20 bloggers joining or promoting the contest! That’s a total of 2,000 credits up for grabs and the total cash prize at $130.00!

Contest ends on February 10. Winners will be announced on February 15. Plenty of time to join but don’t wait too long… Entrecard credits are almost gone! Here is the contest link. Good luck!

As a last note: they’ve made use of this Google apps that acts and looks like a widget! I’d love to make use of that some time. Anyone can embed it to their own site! Cool!

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