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22nd Photohunt Theme 146: “Chipped”
comment 17 Comments January 24, 2009 – 4:28 am

chip: noun, verb, chipped, chipping.
1. a small, slender piece, as of wood, separated by chopping, cutting, or breaking.
2. a mark or flaw made by the breaking off or gouging out of a small piece.

We bought this 3 feet tall Philippine eagle woodwork in Baguio City, Philippines 5 years ago. This beautiful work of art was carved using only one piece of wood- no glues or seals. The cost? After haggling with the woodcarver, $12!! We thought we were stealing it for the price. What a bargain! This size and kind of work in the US would cost hundreds of dollars!

Well, I was about to find out- this particular find wasn’t such a bargain after all when I decided to flew it with me from the Philippines to the United States! The airline wouldn’t take it at first because it was considered oversized and they said they had no more room for the box (We were at the airport kind of late). I insisted and they gave me a price- a whooping $150.00!! What was I to do? I have placed some of my personal effects along with the eagle on the already sealed box. We didn’t have time to sort it and so I was forced to pay the full amount… If I try to justify it, it is really still cheap compared to how much it costs for something like this here in the US.

However as though that wasn’t enough, the eagle didn’t really have a pleasant 13 hour plane ride as it was probably being thrown around the baggage compartment. The result? the now $162.00 eagle was chipped on its wings and base!! I brought it all way just to be chipped!

So that’s my eagle story right there- chipped and all.

3 feet tall Philippine Eagle Wood carving

Chipped from the flight

chipped eagle

Chipped base


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One piece Eagle woodwork

3 feet tall Philippine Eagle Wood carving

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