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23rd Photohunt Theme 147: “Furry”
comment 13 Comments January 31, 2009 – 3:46 am

Aaaaww men. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to do “Furry” this week for Photohunt because it is just too obvious… and haven’t really been in touch with my creative side lately so I’m thinking what else could be furry? I can’t think of any other but…

I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of furry animals this week– lots and lots of furs!


The best thing about going to animal parks and zoos in the United States is the vast land area the animals occupy. The parks are well kept and well maintained and the animals could freely move around like they are in their own habitat in the wild. My memory of zoos in my childhood growing up in the Philippines was that of animals cramped and caged in a tiny usually grungy and smelly unfinished concrete pens and they look sad and hungry all the time!! Haven’t been in Philippine zoos the last 20 years or so, maybe it’s changed. I hope it’s changed.

The parks all across America are expansive. These photos were taken from the San Diego Animal Park in California where there are more than 3500 animals living comfortably in a 1800 acre or 728 hectare land. Amazing.

"I am not really in the mood right now..."


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"Not now. Not in the mood..."

"Don't even think about it..."
You can take photos at close range as close as this!

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