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UPDATED: Quick change in Quickstep, Amazing Routine from New Partners Karla Garcia and Vitolio Jeune
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UPDATE July 2nd: In a night where a Hiphop dancer “picked” his own style, in a night where a ballerina “picked” her own expertise, in a night where a Broadway dancer “picked” his own, in a night where a Contemporary dancer “picked” her own style, in a night where the couple-new partners at that- who were eliminated were in fact doing the hardest style dubbed as the ‘kiss of death’ in the competition and NOT doing their own styles– What are the odds of making it easy for them to eliminate people they want out of the show and what are the odds of these other dancers picking their own style if this show isn’t somehow fixed to cater to what the producers want as outcome? It is truly eyebrow-raising when all couples but one get to pick a style that is theirs or closely relates to their own style. That is utterly impossible in a “luck of the draw.”

Tonight’s results just shed light to my conspiracy theory that this show along with American Idol and all reality TV shows are tainted somehow. It appears conveniently fixed to what they think can earn them more ratings. Did you guys really think Kris Allen won over Adam Lambert if the show didn’t have a hand on it? Show us the numbers!

I challenge So You Think You can Dance to show America the supposed luck of the draw LIVE each week before the results night closes. LET US SEE WHAT THE DANCERS PICK FOR THEIR NEXT DANCE and LET US SEE WHAT THE REST OF THE PAPER SHOWS in the Hat. Why are they doing the drawing in closed doors? They can’t show it live because I bet you, each paper in the hat says exactly the same style they want that particular couple to dance for the week. Whoever they want to eliminate, oh just give them a style that’s not their own so we can justify eliminating them.

I’m saying all these because I am very upset. Tonight, Vitolio is gone. Tonight Karla is eliminated. She didn’t have a fair play from the very beginning nor did Vitolio even Jonathan. They hardly introduced her until the Final 20 dancers were revealed. She was never given the spotlight she deserved. I am not sour graping. I am not making excuses. She is among the best 20 dancers in America for this season. However, while some dancers were highlighted left and right, Karla had to “fight” her way in to get some decent amount of exposure. I only wished she could be in the Top 10 so she could go on tour and have an experience of a lifetime. She needed that extra break for her young career. Did I think Karla would win? Realistically, No. But sure I would have wanted her to win all the way… Having said that, I just lost interest on this show. What a shame.

My heart goes out to Karla and the Garcia family. I personally do not know any of them and only saw Karla for the first time on SYTYCD. Things I say on this blog are entirely mine and does not necessarily reflect theirs. But in a way, her elimination tonight felt personal to me. I’ve always loved the show as a whole but was never really a fan of any particular dancer until Karla. Maybe because she is also Filipina that I felt ‘connected’ and like family feel the need to show my support. But she is also one heck of a great dancer. She has performed professionally in many avenues, the show would open up more opportunities for her. I wished she could have stayed just a little bit longer.

I’m venting and I’m still upset. I lost interest watching the show. I’m skipping the rest of the season- not sure if I even want to see the show live this year. I can’t watch SYTYCD 5 anymore. I’m flipping channels over to NBC’s corny and boring “America’s Got Talent” and I don’t even like that show. Sigh.

To see Karla and Vitolio’s last solo performances and their journey on SYTYCD 5, head over here.


Posted July 1, 2009

SYTYCD Season 5 premiered on June 10 with 20 dancers teamed up competing as couples. Each week, one couple in the bottom three- the 3 couples with the least number of votes- goes home. Tonight only 14 dancers remain. After three weeks of dancing with Jonathan, Fil-am contemporary dancer Karla is paired with new partner Vitolio Jeune. It means Vitolio and Karla are dancing for the first time to win votes! If that’s not pressure enough, they “picked” were given the dance that’s apart from the Waltz which is also ballroom, is known as the “kiss of death” in the competition (Hiphop when choreographed and or danced poorly is another).

quickchangeEvery week they are only given 5 and a half hours to learn a dance style from the choreographer. It is very interesting that they should pick one of the hardest dances to master in their first partnership but by golly Karla and Vitolio rocked the floor! Choreographers Jean Marc & France Generaux were very creative and dynamic in conceptualizing the entire routine, especially the part where Karla did a quick change of outfit right in front of our eyes and it was magical! The excitement on stage was palpable and the two dancers came out both graceful and strong.

Perhaps what Vitolio and Karla needed were the (quick) change of partners and they may have found a good partnership with each other. Just hope truly hope that America realizes how difficult that dance routine was and how they did it brilliantly and made it look effortless. How can you not vote for these two?! Please VOTE for Karla and Jonathan! Call 1-888-836-7607, it’s free!

Karla’s sister Jitter mentioned that their entire family is flying out to LA to watch the show in support for Karla. They weren’t shown tonight; maybe in the results show tomorrow, we’ll get a glimpse of them. :-)

Find the full video of their performance here with judges comments and introduction.




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