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UPDATED: Fil-Am Thia Megia’s Got Talent and She’s only 14!
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UPDATE: March 4th, 2011 — Thia Megia is currently competing on American Idol Season 10. Follow her Idol journey through this website.


UPDATE: August 10, 2009. This was Thia’s performance on Tues, August 5th. She sang a Miley Cyrus piece, “The Climb.” She had an off start and looked really nervous.



Was it a bad song choice? the nerves? She did not make the cut and her journey ended on Wednesday when the judges picked 13 year old dancer ‘Arcadian Broad.’ I was hoping Thia would play the piano while singing- that would have added an extra edge to showcase she can do more than sing the way Arcadian did.

On NBC’s website, a lot of Thia fans weren’t happy with the decision and are commenting Thia should have moved on instead of Arcadian. I think the judges made a mistake too, however, they should not have had the two youngsters pitted against each other. It was cruel the way they did it. Both of them in fact should have moved on.

Don’t give up Thia! Plenty of opportunities for you now that America has seen you. Good luck. I’ll be looking for updates from you…



July 29th, Thia made the cut in Las Vegas. She is among the Top 40 finalists vying for the $1 million prize. So many talents and so many singers in the competition. This is a hard battle for Thia but I think at this point making it to the Top 40 is a feat for any 14 year old. America’s Got Talent gets 20 million viewers per episode and Thia will get that much exposure on TV. If she continues being impressive, some record company is bound to notice her- it’s a win-win.

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I’m still quite sad over Karla Garcia’s short lived stint in So You Think You Can Dance and promised myself will stop watching the rest of the show this season. So I head over to my least liked reality talent show, America’s Got Talent (AGT) just to see what they have been showing.

Watching “America’s Got Talent” turned out to be a cheer me up for me. Oh my, watching and hearing 14 year old Thia Megia sing out “I am Changing” by Jennifer Holiday was unreal. But there she was, confident, beautiful and powerful! Seeing is believing! I have been scouring her and people have already compared her to Youtube sensation Charice.

Yes, she is of Filipino descent, born in Redwood City, California in 1995. Her long full name again gave her “filipino-ness,” Thialorei Lising Megia. :-) (Any relations to Filipino comedian Gary Lising?)

Watch her audition video on America’s Got talent where the crowd goes wild for her, leaving all three judges wowed and awed. Her mom is also shown in the vid:


Forgive me for saying this but I think she is going to be bigger than Charice! I’m a Charice supporter but Thia is something else. A diamond in the rough as they say. I can not believe Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres missed her! They will be scratching their heads now once they hear of Thia. Interestingly, Thia’s been openly singing in public as young as 8 years old and she wrote and composed her first song entitled “I Will Always Love You”, dedicated to her teddy bear, Twinkle at the age of 6! She recorded that song in a demo CD.

She’s got her own Wiki page and her YouTube channel has been out there since November 2006. She was then 10 years old. She has her MySpace Music page as well. This girl is multi-talented. She not only sing but plays musical instruments. She should definitely showcase singing along with playing the guitar or keyboards/piano at her performances in America’s Got Talent. I can’t wait to watch her next performance in AGT. She made it to perform in Las Vegas for the next round sometime the end of this month or perhaps early August.

Is it the Filipino and Filipino-American’s time to finally shine internationally? There are and there have been big names through the years, I know but of recent, some are surely making buzz in 2009! Arnel Pineda, Manny Pacquaio, Charice, Karla Garcia, Anna Maria deTagle and now Thia Megia. I’m sure there are others out there. I hope to find them and feature them here when I can.

AGT premiered its 4th season on June 23rd and I have not watched an episode yet until last night. See SYTYCD on Fox and AGT on NBC competes for viewership and both claim to be the Summer’s number one hit show. I’d like to believe SYTYCD is number one but AGT is strongly up there. I don’t like AGT because they show too much of the judges and the host more than its performers. Worse, they show the judges and the host’s reactions while the act is performing their 30 second or so audition- then you just missed half of it!

They also have a habit of showing what’s coming up before running a commercial and then giving a recap of what you’ve missed after the break… It is trite and unbearable and wastes too much airtime! For crying out loud, just get on with the show! David Hasselhoff says “You’re what this show is all about” and “we’re here’ to find talent” (coz this is what this show is all about, right??) about 100 hundred times spread throughout every season! Geez…

Good luck Thia! Hope you make it BIG!! I’m a FAN!

My most favorite performance of Thia. “New Soul” An original by Yael Naim. Wonderful. Brilliant. Check out tons of Thia’s cover on her YouTube Channel.

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