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The Meg Ryan face to face encounter in Chappaquiddick, Martha’s Vineyard I wish I never had
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We were vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard last week and we chanced upon Hollywood actress Meg Ryan at the barge ferry station in Chappaquiddick, around noonish of August 7th. She was sitting on her black Ford Explorer with sunglasses on and I came really close to her truck as we were passing by. We made an eye contact and I recognized her at once and smiled- her reaction was sort of funny, she ignored me and docked her head immediately!

Meg Ryan's Ford Explorer, Chappaquiddick, MA

Ok, not the reaction I expected but it gets worse for us. The barge-ferry took maybe 15 minutes to arrive and the whole time, Ms Ryan was on her truck. As the ferry was docking, she went out of the truck looking very relaxed and lovely (contrary to what people say and how tabloids picture her to be BUT she should never have messed up with that face!), did some stretching to kill time. This whole time we were star-struck and just kept observing her from a near distance and then we decided we would approach her and ask for a photo.

How naive of us to think that she of her “America’s sweetheart” stature would come down to speak to mere mortals like us!! She totally brushed us off and almost run back to her truck fearing for her life as though we were going to attack her or something- and all we said very quietly so as not to draw other people’s attention was: “hi, we recognized you and we’re sorry to bother you but is it all right for us to take a photo?” And she started going back to her truck and kept repeating “No.” She said: “Hi, bye but no. no picture.”

Lighten up, relax. We weren’t the paparazzi! We weren’t going to take photos of you to sell to magazines! (Heck the paparazzi’s are ruthless and heartless. They never ask permission to take photos. They just do and the uglier and uncompromising position you are in the better. What more, they make money out of the ‘stolen shots.’) You have to realize we were in an island off the south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and probably the most secluded part in Martha’s Vineyard. People pay big bucks to vacation in the area and we were there! We weren’t stalkers. We were vacationers who happen to chance upon you. It was a huge deal for us, one of the highlights of our trip.

Less than a minute was all it took for that encounter which you Ms. Ryan would have forgotten by now and never really cared for to begin with but for us, it is a lifetime memory of you being oh so unfriendly. I wish I never met you in the flesh. I wish in my mind you remain this adorable, funny, charming, witty characters you play in your movies. Instead I now have this image of this unpleasant encounter with you and this is the story I am going to share with people…

meg-ryan-7mil-homeChappaquiddick Home, a 12-room cliff-top estate in Martha’s Vineyard, MA

We understand, you moved in your $7 million estate in the island to get away from the limelight of Hollywood. You’re tired of being looked at and followed around, but you will always be a celebrity and people will continue to recognize you. The least you could have done for us, your fans who pay to watch all your movies is be nice and pleasant to them. We put you to where you are but of course you don’t care about that BS. Most of all, you won’t care about one ranting from a disgruntled fan.

We left Meg Ryan alone and she was looking out in the small crowd of arriving passengers and we were getting on the barge-ferry ourselves. Turns out she was picking up her adopted Chinese daughter, Daisy True with 2 unnamed companions.

There you go, Ms Ryan. We never took a photo of your face. We left you alone. You gotta give us some credit for that! But maybe, maybe I’ll stop ‘idolizing’ you from hereon. You don’t have a minute for me, I don’t have two-hours to sit waste to watch your movies…

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