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VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather won’t look past Juan Manuel Marquez, Calls Marquez: “Mexico’s Numero Uno and a solid fighter”
comment 2 Comments September 2, 2009 – 1:21 am

UPDATE: September 19th. Floyd Mayweather wins in a unanimous decision. He was 2 pounds heavier during the weigh in for the bout weight of 144 pounds. He apparently had to pay $600,000 ($300,000 per pound) to Juan Manuel Marquez for going over the weight limit. That weight was the biggest factor to Marquez’ loss. Marquez is paid a guaranteed $3.2 million for this fight while Mayweather’s minimum guarantee is $10 million, a figure likely to dramatically increase after the pay-per-view receipts are counted. Yay!

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s (39-0 | 25 Knockouts) very much anticipated comeback to the ring up against Juan Manuel Marquez (55-4-1 | 37 Knockouts), hits MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 19th live via HBO’s Pay-per-view.

In this video, reporter Mark Kriegel discusses Juan Manuel Marquez with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Find out why the ‘Pretty Boy’ isn’t ready to think about Manny Pacquiao.

I am very surprised to see Mayweather in this interview very subdued. He’s always been portrayed as (over)confident to being cocky. I didn’t see it on this interview and even the reporter commented that Floyd seem to be building up his opponent, Marquez. It’s nice to see a fighter not ‘talk trash’ his opponent. This psychological warfare tactic is so cliche and very movie-like anyway. What a good interview! Floyd has such respect for Marquez. Floyd is hinting very much of a possible Pacquiao-Mayweather fight if the “price” is right and HBO picks it up.

Below is an earlier video announcing the fight in May atop the Empire State Building in New York. Floyd ‘handpicked’ Juan Manuel as his opponent for his comeback fight. They were going to fight last July but it was postponed due to a rib injury Mayweather received during training. Manny Pacquiao’s name comes up again.


I’m not a huge Boxing follower but when Manny Pacquiao is on, I am sure to watch every fight. I am from General Santos City, Philippines and so is Pacquiao so I can’t help but be a fan. Mind you, only when he is in the ring fighting. What he does outside I am not so sure about– his mad ideas going into acting, heck singing and say that again? Politics?!! C’mmon! Manny Pacquiao needs better advisers not people who take advantage of his popularity and money.

Of late I have become curious of Juan Manuel Marquez ever since that rematch fight he lost with Manny Pacquiao in March 2008. I still hope somehow someday in whatever weight class, Manny and Juan Manuel will encore that rematch! That fight was so very close, it wasn’t truly and fully Manny’s to claim.

I had a chance to meet Juan Manuel Marquez up close in his surprised visit to the Philippines in April 6th during the star-studded ABS-CBN produced Boxing fight: “INVASION, Philippines vs. the World at the Araneta Coliseum. (A month after his fight with Manny, there are still visible marks on his face from that bout.)

Juan Manuel Marquez visits the Philippines, 4.06.08

Thanks to our dear friends, sisters Sunshine Pestaño and Goody Peñalosa- wife of another great Philippine boxer, Gerry Peñalosa, we were part of the “Team Penalosa” that day! One of the best experiences of my life! Thanks very much to them! I still have to make a full article of that happening and it’s been over a year old. Procrastination at work… :-)

Juan Manuel Marquez and Goody Penalosa. 4-06-08

with Entrepreneur Goody Llido-Penalosa

Juan Manuel Marquez is such a reserved, shy guy. Uber friendly and accommodating- always there for the camera and to whoever wants a photo with him! No air of arrogance at all. To those who hates his guts for wanting to fight Manny again, I really think Manny owes it to the Boxing fans and to himself. Going back to the whole fight, nobody expected Manny to win that- At best, people expected a draw or a Juan Manuel win but Manny edged it by a hair. You could see on the tape, Manny was even partially surprised he was announced the winner! We can’t blame Juan Manuel if he wants to finish off the business with Manny.

Moving forward to the present, Juan Manuel is facing a tough opponent in Floyd Mayweather, Jr. come September 19. I am rooting for Juan Manuel of course! Fingers crossed. Good luck, Juan Manuel! Hope our paths cross again. :-)

Juan Manuel Marquez visits the Philippines, 4.06.08

with my BFF and Tatay Pepe’s Restobar Co-owner, Jaz Descalzo

Juan Manuel Marquez visits the Philippines, 4.06.08

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