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Flutter. Stop it.
comment No Comments November 21, 2009 – 10:36 pm

What is this flutter?
Why am I feeling this queasy feeling in my stomach?
I shouldn’t feel this but I am feeling,
this crazy tremulous feeling.

Heart pounding, head racing.
It is exciting.
It is confusing.
Heck, it is nerve wracking!

I know this awful feeling.
The more I suppress, the more I feel.
The more I feel, the more I suffer.
But I wouldn’t. I couldn’t let it out.

abstract_chaosDon’t know how long I can look
Don’t know how long I can resist
Don’t know how long I can play pretend
Until you’ll notice…

Please don’t ask me,
I won’t admit it.
Please don’t confront me,
I can’t deny it.

What is this flutter?
I know this flutter!
Foolish feelings, get over it.
Flutter, stop it!

F— I did it again.

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