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Best Buy Black Friday 2009, You’re Too Late!
comment 1 Comment November 27, 2009 – 1:40 am

Best Buy Black Friday 2009

Best Buy Black Friday 2009

As of 8:30 pm November 26th- Thanksgiving day, this was the line at a Best Buy store in Darthmouth, MA. Some said they’ve been there since noon time (gave up on Thanksgiving dinner altogether)! Calling my sisters in Sacramento, California, they said that there were people camped out in front of the Best Buy stores early on as well.

What’s interesting with Best Buy is that they only have minimum of 5 to 10 items of each product per store as advertised yet they seem to draw campers who are willing to spend the night in the cold. Based on our experience, the ad isn’t entirely true because some stores only really have one or two items of the more popular products on sale. So by the time the store opens at 5am, there would have been 300 people in line fighting for one to 2 items of those products!! Case in point, the HDTVs and the laptops.

Why people would camp out in Best Buy stores, I could never understand.

Best Buy Black Friday 2009

Passing through Wal-Mart in Ashland, MA there were at least 10 people camped out by 9:30pm. You guys must realize that the stores are going to officially open at 5am the next day and people are camping out overnight some spending 17 hours outside the store– just to get the deals they want! How far would you go?

I am not sleeping tonight. I am online shopping for deals as I write this and at 3am, I am heading over to Staples to go get in line and try my luck there. Always do get most of the items that I eye for… They’ve always been great with their prices and stocks and yet no one would camp out in their stores. Works for me because I am not willing to spend the night in freezing Massachusetts weather to get my deals. I think 3 hours of wait is already ridiculous, 17 hours wait time would be unjustifiable. Then again, here I am wide awake as I watch my clock for 3am to go to Staples. At least I am warm and cozy in my PJs! My sisters are leaving at midnight to head to a Fry’s store near them in CA… Yeah, we’re all suckers for sale like that.

That’s Crazy Black Friday, day after thanksgiving sale for you! Only in the US…

Here’s what people are camping out for in Best Buy Black Friday Sale:

Best Buy Black Friday 2009

Best Buy Black Friday 2009

At Staples:



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