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Get “If I Hadn’t Forgotten” the new song from Singer Songwriters Keaton Simons and Didi Benami
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Who: Multi-talented singer songwriter and musician Keaton Simons and equally multifaceted artist Didi Benami in a duet!
What: The captivating new song, “If I Hadn’t Forgotten”

Where: now available on iTunes and Amazon as digital downloads.

When: release date, November 01, 2011

Song Trivia: Heard on Private Practice Episode 506, “If I Hadn’t Forgotten” | November 3rd. 2011

Why you should buy: It is organic and thoughtful in its simplicity. Unobtrusive, noteworthy on its gentleness. The duo’s solid vocals and phrasing shine through. Keaton Simons is giving and unassuming; Didi Benami’s quiet surrender and commitment to the song is compelling. Together, it makes for beautiful harmony and one you could put on repeat. via Amazon

The Making of “If I Hadn’t Forgotten”

Song preview at Didi Benami’s Official website. Keaton Simons official site here.

Get FREE song download from Didi’s fansite.

@DidiBenami on Twitter
@KeatonSimons on Twitter

Keaton’s Official Facebook | Didi’s Official Facebook

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