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Didi Benami gracefully releases debut single “Gasoline” {5.23.2012}
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Who: Singer Songwriter Didi Benami

What: The dark, exquisite brand new song, “Gasoline”

Where: now available on iTunes and Amazon as digital downloads.

When: release date, May 23rd, 2012

Music collaboration: Co-writers Justin Gray and Chris Seefried

Didi is recently heard on: Keaton Simon’s track “If I Hadn’t Forgotten”

Why you should buy: “There is a longing tenderness in Didi Benami’s voice that is both intriguing and appealing. This is a bittersweet heartbreak song. Neither mushy nor sappy, just right. Juxtaposed with the nostalgic sound are the lyrics confronting a relationship that is in limbo. While the theme may be edgy, the track is easy on the ears, could very well play on repeat or mixed in your favorite playlist. Didi is a star! Her artistry and dedication to her craft is inspiring. It is palpable in this song!” via Amazon

Song Preview:

Check out Didi on Twitter | Facebook | Official Site

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