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Flutter. Stop it.
Posted 11-21-2009 by dmeemai in Lyrical Attempts
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Unrequited Love
Posted 10-22-2007 by dmeemai in Featured, Short Stories
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Posted 10-04-2007 by dmeemai in Lyrical Attempts
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Posted 10-03-2007 by dmeemai in Short Stories
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Sinigang For the Soul

This is both a mixed bag and a personal blog, not a food blog; although I may talk about food sometimes! :-) I am a Filipina Expat living in the United States. The pages here are random musings of love and hate, rants and raves and anything in between. Sinigang is a metaphor to signify all my favorites in life; all that interests me (or not!).

The rotating header shows original images of the Philippine Islands then and now; "bringing back memories of scenic greens, warm sun, blue waters, great friends and the solace of home..."
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